Our Story


For excellent reasons, flight simulators have helped train aircraft pilots for decades. And sadly we have lost skydive brothers and sisters who simply made a bad decision under canopy. Now what gets us out of bed in the morning is to bring you a virtual reality parachute flight simulator to help foster a wider, deeper, more-informed awareness of safety above our drop zones.

To help skydivers make better decisions in the door before exit and under canopy.  We aim to do this in three specific ways:

Human beings learn best by doing. We want to enable skydivers to sharpen their decision-making. At the door before exit and under canopy—with realistic, relevant scenarios. Check out our virtual reality parachute flight simulator we call SkydiVR. It is designed to complement and enhance existing parachute flight instruction tools and techniques.

Promote Conversation
With the ability to practice, we want to promote respectful and informed discussion. To increase every skydiver's comprehension of safety in the airspace above our drop zones.

Build Community
We share the sky with each other, and as a community we build a wider and deeper agreement to keep more smiling skydivers around and bring our sport to others.



We believe virtual reality technology will help make safer, more informed skydivers. Explore for yourself the new benefits in parachute flight training provided by virtual reality.

Our success is helping reduce the number of canopy related injuries and fatalities.