Virtual Reality Parachute Flight Simulator


Simulators have been used for decades to train aircraft pilots. Now you can improve your canopy navigation skills using our virtual reality parachute flight simulator!

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Do you own or manage a Drop Zone?

Learn how SkydiVR can help your DZ efficiently and consistently train students to safely fly their parachute.


you already have a vr-ready pc and VR goggles?

From home you can impress your family and friends.

Features Overview

Features are great but it's really the benefits that make the difference. 

With over 30 years of skydiving instruction experience to draw from, we have developed SkydiVR to help users "learn by doing".  


Realistic Parachute performance

Performance across the ground (groundspeed) is a fundemental information source for making decisions when flying your parachute.  We include the ability to customize your wind conditions to bring you the most realistic experience...


flying with other parachutes  

Becoming aware of and keeping track of other canopies in the sky is a basic skydive survival skill.  These other canopies could be piloted by another vr-canopy pilot, or they could be a "robot" (a recording if the flight pattern from a previous jump).


YOUR drop zone in virtual reality

Seeing and understanding where you are over the ground helps you learn to navigate.  Especially to recognize landmarks, your landing area and landing pattern. We would be happy to produce your drop zone in VR.

SkydiVR in action


How much does SkydiVR cost?

Currently, we offer three pricing options to suit your needs: 

  • Pay per jump, all features, multiple PCs

  • Monthly subscription, all features, multiple PCs

  • Monthly subscription lite, minimal features, single PC


Some words from our users...

I was on my first solo landing, and my radio died. Earlier today I did 4 or 5 practice jumps in SkydiVR, so I was able to visualize what I’ve learned from the simulator, and I came for quite a soft landing, actually, very close to the target so I was very thankful to the software for my first radio-free landing.
— Kevin, student at The Ranch
Wow, I felt the adrenaline kick in as I was passing my buddy flying in another canopy in SkydiVR even though the whole time I was safe on the ground inside the cafe. That was fun, will surely try it again!
— Russell, VR cafe user
After using SkydiVR for some time, I’ve learned so much about skydiving and feel much more confident about doing my first real-life jump
— Misha, skydiver in training