Why SkydiVR?


Does SkydiVR solve a problem?

For a start it provides new revenue streams for your dropzone:

from visitors

They come to support their loved one who is doing a tandem.  They don't want to jump for real, but like the idea of trying something new...


From students

OK...you want them to stay around.  Put yourself in the shoes of your skydive student for the next few minutes.

Most likely they are a "millenial".  So they have grown up with technology.  And they want to appear knowledgeable and skilled (we don't know anyone who doesn't but hey - just making a point).  They want to be good at flying a parachute as soon as possible.  Because let's face it: consistently landing their parachute safely in the landing area is like a badge.  A badge which means they get invited to go up and play with others.

Now can you recall when you were learning to fly your parachute?  How long did it take?  What mistakes did you make?  What did it feel like when because of wind you couldn't when others could jump?  If you knew then what you know now?

Your answers to these questions are relevant.

Because they lurk in the back of your students mind.  They (and questions like them) generate self doubt which detracts from enjoyment.

As a DZ manager/operator/instructor/coach, how can you improve the efficiency of providing and the consistency of the answers to these questions?  

  • The training to enable canopy confidence sooner rather than later?

  • To practice making wise decisions under canopy?

  • To look out for and keep track of other canopies?

  • Recognize relevant landmarks?

  • Comprehend the landing pattern and associated altitude points?

  • Understand the value of assessing groundspeed?

  • Not needing a radio?

  • Where else can a student gain the experience of five parachute flights with an investment of 20 minutes?

help your students learn by doing...

The proliferation of vertical wind tunnels in our sports speaks for itself.

And here are a few articles about this concept:






OK...one last question: what are our students at The Ranch saying about SkydiVR?