Are you a VR cafe manager or owner? If so, you have arrived at the right place to get SkydiVR working for you!

Old or young, male or female, we humans sure do like adrenalin - especially when it comes without risk, like in the VR experience. Add the fact that you can share the experience with friends, and now you have a winning VR app!    

We have proved that SkydiVR attracts customers who like an extreme VR experience, and that it keeps them coming back. 

On this page, we'll help you learn how you can bring this sought-after experience to your VR cafe.


Minimal space required: 3 feet by 6 feet plus the space needed for your PC

Basic Requirements

Optional adjustable harness and toggles provides users with the "4th dimension" (activating the users' sense of touch)

Add-Ons to Enhance the experience

We provide a complimentary website we call "The Hangar" which allows a user to log in and collect a user code, which they can use to watch a recording of their jump. They even have the option of sharing their recorded jump on social media.

Share recorded jumps via The Hangar




Ready To Get SkydiVR For Your VR Cafe?

Step 1

Request access here.  We will send you a dedicated URL which allows you as a license holder to then download and administer SkydiVR.  To also change functionality and track statistics on use.  

Step 2

Download and install SkydiVR onto your PC.

Step 3

Track your statistics on use, watch your customers use SkydiVR: ask them what they liked and didn't like.

We value your feedback.