We help VR cafes provide a realistic virtual reality parachute flight experience.

Realistic because SkydiVR also serves several commercial skydiving dropzones to help their parachute flight training.


And SkydiVR has been working at New York Cities leading VR cafe, https://jumpintothelight.com, since August 2017 where they have done an average of over 1000 jumps per month.

For Rift or Vive, cafe customers can choose to fly their parachute into (among other locations) Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon, Kjerag Fiord in Norway, Niagara Falls or the Statue of Liberty.

Old or young, male or female: us humans sure do like adrenalin without risk.  Add in that you can share the experience with friends and now you have a winning VR app.  

After each jump, the user gets a statistical summary of how well they landed and their distance from the target.   For fun and/or to informally compete with friends, they all get the adrenalin of a real parachute flight.

We also can provide a formal competition format and multiplayer which means 2 person teams can compete. 


Other relevant background info:

  • Minimal space required: 3 feet by 6 feet plus the space needed for your PC

  • An adjustable harness and toggles provide users with the sense of touch while in virtual reality. You have three options:

    • A ordinary chair, ideally one that does not rotate

    • A standup harness, easy for the user to get in and out of: more jumps per hour

    • A sitting harness, more time needed to get into and out of, approx 5 minutes. But a more immersive experience

  • We provide a complimentary website we call the Hangar which allows a user to record their jump and share the recording via social media: they publize your cafe for you.


Next steps to getting SkydiVR working at your cafe:

1 Request access here.  We will send you a dedicated URL which allows you as a license holder to then download, install and with your staff assess SkydiVR. 

2 Track your statistics on use, watch your customers use SkydiVR: ask them what they liked and didn't like. Tell us because we want your customers to come back.

3 Hold impromtu or formal competitions, we can show you how.

We are with you all the way to help keep customers coming through your door.  





A short lesson on how to land your virtual reality parachute.

SkydiVR being used Saturday 27th May 2017 at https://skydivetheranch.com/