As soon as our service agreement has been signed (you can read and sign this agreement here) and you have confirmed your PC is VR ready, our team will start creating your personalized two-dimensional drop zone based on high resolution satellite images of the area.

You will be asked to:

  • Provide defined coordinates (use Google Maps) of the center of the landing area. If there is more than one landing area, define the center of the dropzone

  • Provide a defined location (use Google Maps) of any windsocks or ground wind indicators

  • Map the area surrounding your drop zone (copy and paste) which shows the choice users can make of their opening point (when their canopy ride will start)

  • Choose your drop zone icon (this will be shown when users are looking to select the drop zone they want to jump at)


Creating a three-dimensional rendering of the drop zone area with 3D buildings, trees, and detailed textures is a somewhat involved process. 3D rendering of your drop zone will be after we assess together what needs to be rendered in 3D.  Then we will provide you a quote.