Functionality for VR Cafés


1. Altimeter in feet or meters


2. Only Student canopy

3. Only random direction at start

4. Center of landing area always shown with a green target

5. Access to instructional video on how to land a VR canopy

6. Landing statistics:
-Distance from target
-Vertical and horizontal speeds upon landing


7. Access to our Hangar website:
-Ability to replay a recording of each jump to maximize valuable debriefing
-Track landing statistics
-Customize canopy colors and avatar
-Easily connect with other SkydiVRs to do a jump together in VR

8. Landing areas :
Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Statue of Liberty, Kjerag Fiord in Norway.

* We can build your suggestion for a drop zone in virtual reality, just contact us for a quote.