Drop Zone Selection

  • Select the DZ you want to jump into. We have many and are adding new ones all the time.
  • You can request a quote for us to produce your DZ in virtual reality.
Your Benefit:
  • Relevant landmarks and landing area for your students

Canopy Selection

  • Fly our Student and Pro canopies
  • Canopies from the industry‚Äôs top manufacturers coming soon
Your Benefit:
  • Experience how different canopies perform under the same conditions.

Wind Selection

  • You set the wind speed and direction at 3000 feet (914 meters) and on the ground
  • Our algorithm (patent pending) calculates realistic parachute ground speed
  • Windsocks on the ground and a column of smoke help you understand ground winds during your flight
Your Benefit:
  • Now you can practice your canopy navigation skills

Opening Point Selection

  • Select your opening point (where you start flying) to allow for wind conditions
  • Beginners can choose their opening orientation or like a real parachute jump: random opening orientation.
Your Benefit:
  • Get a sense of how to make the wind your friend.

Opening Height Selection

  • Select height above the ground when you start flying your virtual parachute (between 3000 and 5000 feet)
Your Benefit:
  • You get a sense of how much time you have under canopy

Fly with Robots

  • Experience flying with other canopies. Our robots are recordings of previous jumps done. But be aware: they cannot see you...
Your Benefit:
  • You practice sharing the airspace with others.

Jump with Friends

  • Team up with your friends for a jump together.
  • You can talk to each other while flying.
  • From wherever you can connect to the internet.
Your Benefit:
  • Anything is better when shared with friends.

Flysight VR

  • Flysight (www.flysight.ca) is a super accurate GPS used in the skydive industry
  • Now you can upload a Flysight file and replay your jump in our SkydiVR environment
  • Use a 2D browser or 3D goggles to review and debrief
Your Benefit:
  • Analyze actual canopy performance. Visually and by the numbers (ground speed, airspeed, height and acceleration)

Choice of Installation Type

We offer three ways to install and use SkydiVR:

  • Individual

    Suited for VR cafes, arcades and home users. Unrestricted use - anyone with the access to the PC can jump.

  • Using Attendant Key

    Suited for drop zones and similar environments where attendants get their Keys (password) they use to start jumps for the end-users. For example, a user buys three jumps, shows the receipt to the attendant and then the attendant starts the app for the user.

  • Using Jump Tickets

    Suited for drop zones, VR cafes and similar environments in cases where there are no attendants and the end-users can use the app on their own using pre-purchased jump tickets.

Your Benefit:
  • Enjoy more with an experience designed for your specific needs

The Hangar

  • This is our complimentary website where you can view your jump stats, watch a recording of your jump, share a recording of your jump, enter competitions and connect with other VR canopy pilots
Your Benefit:
  • Enhance your SkydiVR experience


  • Prove you can do the most accurate and soft landing
Your Benefit:
  • For yourself or as a team, competition adds fun and increases skills

Tutorials on Demand

  • Learn basic canopy pilot techniques
  • If you skydive, work with your instructor to enhance your real life canopy flight skills and enjoyment
Your Benefit:
  • Take advantage of our experience

Read more about SkydiVR for Drop Zones, including Tech Specs and Pricing, by scrolling to the top of this page and exploring the "For Drop Zones" folder!