2019 Pricing for SkydivR

This page details pricing options for the SkydiVR Canopy Simulation Software. This proposal is for those subscribing in 2018 as new customers.

Our goal is to improve safety in skydiving operations. To do this, we want to partner with you for the long term. Our pricing strategy is designed to be profitable for you and to make our business sustainable. In turn, we will use your feedback to improve our product, so that we can continue to exceed your needs, and the needs of your customers.

Experience has shown us that skydiving “Students” and “Visitors” like and benefit most from SkydiVR.  We have proven that they are willing to pay for the experience, which means that SkydiVR can be a new source of revenue for your dropzone.

Sample Pricing Policy for drop zones

The price you charge your customers for a SkydiVR jump is your decision.

We have seen that the following pricing policy works well in encouraging groups of people to buy at the same time, so that friends can share the experience:

  • $9 for 1 jump

  • $19 for 2 jumps, $8.50 per jump cost for the end user

  • $24 for 3 jumps, $8 per jump

  • $28 for 4 jumps, $7 per jump

  • $30 for 5 jumps, $6 per jump

  • $42 for 6 jumps, $7 per jump

our subscription models

We have two subscription models to choose from:


This model is based on your actual use of SkydiVR.  You have a rechargeable “manifest account” where you pre-purchase virtual jumps to then sell to your students/visitors.

Starting price is $4 per jump and discounts apply for bulk purchase (see table below).  This model reduces your business risk as you pay us only when you get paid.


* Considering public price per jump applied of $10 - Cost per Jump - $1 of equipment amortization
** If Virtual Jumps purchased are performed in a month, on weekend days only

(average 8 days of operations per month)


Unlimited number of jumps.

The amount depends on the functionality used, contact us and we can clarify because we have a wide range of features and associated benefits for your customers.